Why Comando Sur?

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I’m an avid gamer, and ComandoSur is my avatar for several MMOGs that I play. I’ve come to identify quite a bit with the name, so I decided to use it for the name of my website. I plan to discuss all sorts of eclectic topics on this website, which suits me just fine since I have diverse interests and love to share my ideas with other like-minded web visitors.

I will concentrate for the most part on sharing information that will be useful to others. This includes things like sharing cool websites, reviewing online games, and showing you smarter ways to shop online. I like to concentrate on the pragmatic things since I don’t really care for the sites where the people who operate them just ramble endlessly in a self-indulgent way.

In any case, thanks for stopping by. Let’s get this ball rolling.

Which is better, playing poker online or at a real casino?

If you’re like me and enjoy a good game of Holdem-style poker, you may often find yourself debating whether to go to a real casino to play, or to simply logon to a poker site. Today, I’ll go over some of the pros and cons of both ways to play poker in the modern world.

1. Playing at a casino
This is a great option and will most likely result in the most enjoyable experience. The problem is that not all of us live in Las Vegas, which means going to a real casino involves travel time. If you’re fortunate enough to live near a casino, this won’t be a problem. But chances are, there are only one or two casinos within driving distance, and it can get old going to the same casinos all the time. If you like to have a few beers while you play, then you also need to make sure you’re safe driving home.

2. Playing online
There’s no shortage of poker sites on the Internet, and they can vary from lame to really engaging in terms of the game play that they offer. That’s not a huge issue, since you can simply test out different sites until you find one that fits the bill. But not all places in the world allow you to bet money on casino games, and this can be a potential problem for sure. You may find that credit card companies will block your transaction when you try to make a deposit. The emergence of bitcoin casinos in recent years offers a way around this, although I wouldn’t encourage you to use them if your main goal is to skirt local laws. Nevertheless, bitcoin poker is an option for people who want an easier way to deposit money at online casinos.

I’ll admit that for the most part, which type of casino I go to depends on my mood. Sometimes I want live action, while other times I just want to relax at home while still doing something a bit exciting. In short, both offline and online casinos have their place, and you’ll probably find that you end up playing at both, depending on the circumstances.

Can You Use for Free?

online datingThese days, it seems a lot of people expect things for free. This is in part because of the Internet, where a great many things do not cost anything. Examples of free things you get online are some TV shows, news, videos, and consumer information.

Online dating is no different. There are several major dating sites, such as POF and OkCupid that are free to use. But a question I often get is, “Can I use for Free?” The answer is yes, but don’t expect to be able to do much. You can browse profiles and send winks, but to make any sort of meaningful communication, you will need to buy a subscription to the site. That said, the cost is manageable if you buy a multi-month subscription, and can be as low as $24 a month.

In addition to the fact that you can join the site for free, also offers free trials, which typically last for 3 days (72 hours). During this period of time, you can use all the features of the site, just as paid members do. This is a good time to test-drive the site and determine if it’s a service you would like to subscribe to. The current free trial is available from Facebook.

In short, if you want to date online and not pay any money, you should stick with the free dating sites. If you don’t mind paying a bit to get a better service like, however, then you should get started with the free trial and decide after that whether or not a subscription would be worth it for you.

Getting the latest news about E-cigs

vapingE-cigarettes first starting becoming highly popular a few years ago, and the number of users has skyrocketed, turning the e-cig business into a multibillion dollar industry. It seems like new e-cigs, new flavors, and new inventions get introduced all the time, and sometimes I find that it’s difficult to keep up with all the changes that take place in the e-cigarettes world. And don’t forget, the laws regarding e-cigs are ever evolving. Many communities seem to be wrestling with whether or not to regulate the industry.

Incidentally, if you’re interested in the many benefits of e-cigs, check out my post here.

There are two ways I keep up with news related to e-cigs. The first is by doing a search on popular news sites such as Yahoo and CNN. But this means I have to remember to go to these sites, and requires an active approach on my part. Lately, I’ve found a better way may be simply to follow a few e-cigarette twitter accounts that post updates on any interesting news stories. Typically, there would be a link to read more, and I can get the information along with all the other tweets I follow. I especially pay attention to any legal developments related to e-cigarettes as this could affect when and where I am allowed to vape.

Inkjetsuperstore discount ink choices

inkjet cartridgeInk is something that should always be purchased in large quantities. Why? I can think of at least 2 reasons off the bat. First, you frequently get volume discounts at popular online stores like inkjetsuperstore when you buy a lot of ink at once. On top of that, when you make a big purchase, you often get free shipping as well, further allowing you to save money.

One thing you should not be doing is buying printer ink at local office supply stores. I have found time and time again that such stores do not offer favorable pricing. When you buy a lot of ink, you can definitely get much better deals by shopping on the Internet.

To date, my favorite ink cartridge store is inkjetsuperstore. I happen to own a couple printers that are a bit old, but I never have an issue finding the ink I need when I shop at this store. Moreover, I can frequently get my hands on inkjetsuperstore coupons. These discount codes allow me to save a good deal of money on my orders.

For a list of top ink cartridge stores and current coupon codes you can use, head over to this URL>

The various ways to save on your eHarmony membership

Let’s cut to the chase. Eharmony is rather pricey, at least when you look at the standard monthly rates (which are $59.95). But that doesn’t mean you can’t partake in this great dating site. The fact is, there are several things you can do to bring down the cost of an eHarmony membership. We’ll take a look at a few ways to get a discount below. eharmony dating couponsFirstly, you should not join eHarmony if you’re just looking to kick the tires. The reason for this is that the site is intended for people who are looking for marriage or a serious relationship. If you don’t find yourself in this category, you are better off looking for a different dating site that more closely meets your need. Secondly, don’t join eHarmony for just one month. Not only do you end up getting the worst deal by doing this, you probably won’t find your soulmate in one month anyway.

I recommend getting at least a 3 month plan. This will not only give you more time to do a proper search for a mate, but it will also bring down your monthly costs quite a bit. With a 6 month plan, your costs drop to about half of what you’d pay if you had gone on the monthly plan. Therefore, all eHarmony subscribers should take note of the savings that are possible by making a longer term commitment. Last but not least, you should be using online coupons, promo codes, or other discounts to bring down the cost of membership. These kinds of dating deals aren’t difficult to find, and there are even some sites such as, which are exclusively devoted to providing discounts for online dating. So do your research, use some coupons, and make sure you’re getting the best price possible for your eHarmony subscription.

Review of Microsoft Office 365 and Gamefly

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office is the default product most businesses use for much of its business needs. Indeed, programs like Word and Excel have virtually become household names. If you work in a business, chances are, you use such products on a fairly regular basis. But in recent years, there have been some significant changes in the way Office products are being delivered. Not long ago, Microsoft launched Office 365, which is a cloud service that offers Office products to web users for a monthly fee.

In many ways, using services like Office 365 can have benefits to your business. For one thing, you always have the latest version of the product, and no upgrades are ever necessary. In addition, accessing the product from various computers is no problem at all. On the flip side, many people don’t like a monthly subscription system, and it’s quite possible you will end up paying more in the long run by using this option.

Functionally, the office products in Office 365 are pretty much identical to the boxed versions of the software we have all become accustomed to. The decision you need to make is whether or not a cloud-based software solution makes sense for you. For the time being, you can get either the cloud version or the boxed version of Office products, so the power of choice still lies with the consumer. Hopefully, things will stay this way, and Microsoft won’t do what Adobe did earlier this year (i.e., announce that boxed versions of their software will be discontinued).

People who are interested in the cloud version can get a free trial of office 365.


logo for gameflySpeaking of free trials, I’d also like to take a moment to also talk about another online monthly service called Gamefly. This is quite a wonderful service that allows gamers to rent an unlimited number of video games. We need to quality the term, “unlimited,” however. It doesn’t mean you can rent all the games in the world, as you are only allowed to take out one or two games at a time, depending on which subscription plan you sign up for. However, once you are a member, you can exchange those games as often as you like. Bear in mind, since the games are sent to you by mail, you’ll probably only be able to exchange games about 5 times a month, given the shipping times to send back games then receive the next one.

With all of that being said, it’s still a wonderful service for gamers, given that the price for a membership starts at just under 15 dollars a month. Compared to the cost of purchasing new games on your own, that’s just a drop in the bucket if you think about it.

So what kind of games are available at Gamefly, you might ask? The answer is just about any video game for any platform. Whether you prefer Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo, Gamefly has you covered. Their current selection of games is north of 8000 titles, which is quite a lot if you think about it. The best way to check out this service is to take advantage of the free trial from, which will allow you to use the service at no charge for a full 30 days. At the end of that time period, you can decide whether or not you want to keep the service.

I must say, I started out with a free trial of Gamefly, and ended up keeping the service, so it’s a pretty clever marketing ruse if you ask me. But I’m glad I kept the service, because I’ve been able to play a lot more games than I otherwise would have been able to play.

The benefits of electronic cigarettes, and how to buy them online

electronic cigarettes

I recently gave up traditional smoking and switched over to electronic cigarettes. Although I mainly did it for my health, I have since noticed a lot of ancillary benefits to making this switch. If you are thinking of making the same switch but aren’t quite convinced, here is a list of benefits to using e-cigarettes:

  1. It costs less
    I have not sit down and made the precise calculations, but believe I’m paying about half of what I did for traditional cigarettes. It’s nice to have that money left over to spend on other things.
  2. It doesn’t make you smell
    In addition to not smelling, you also don’t have smoker’s breath, which almost everyone agrees is not a good thing.
  3. In all likelihood, it is MUCH better for your health
    Although there have been a limited number of studies, everything I have read seems to indicated that smoking e-cigs is way better for you than smoking regular cigarettes.

Those are convincing enough reasons for me to stick with my new “habit.” I currently get my e-cigarette supplies from V2 Cigs using a V2 Cigs Coupon. But quite frankly, there are tons of e-cigarette companies out there, so I will probably try out a few other different brands. Still, V2 Cigs has been a good company to do business with, and they are reasonably priced, so I recommend giving them a try.

Get great deals on e-cigarettes at

My Thoughts on Compatibility Matching

eharmony compatibility

There are two ways to go about online dating. The first way is to use a standard dating site like, which allows you to browse profiles and select whom you want to communicate with. This is probably the type of online dating most people envision when they think about joining a dating site. It feels normal to be in control of whom you interact with.

On the other end of the spectrum are sites that specialize in finding matches for you. The best example of this type of site is eharmony. When you join eharmony, you can't browse or search other profiles. Instead, the site finds matches for you, and presents them to you. You can only view the profiles of matches that you receive. So you are putting your trust in eharmony's matchmaking algorithm. Some people may not like the fact that their matches are left up to a computer program, but the 1 million users of eharmony who've gotten married would disagree.

My thought on compatibility matching is that it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's definitely worth trying. The only downside is that you'll have to buy a subscription to use sites like eHarmony, and the subscriptions are generally a bit more expensive than what the plain vanilla dating sites charge. That said, you can get an eharmony free trial (which you can get at and test out the site first before deciding whether to join. So I would start with the trial, and if you like the matches you're getting, you can become a subscriber at that point, knowing full what you're paying for.

For ideas on how to save money, check out my other eharmony article here.